Project Reconnect

About us

We’re the World Federation of Advertisers. But that doesn’t mean we think all advertising is great. Sometimes, it can be annoying, even intrusive. Worse still, some people blame advertising for society’s problems.

Project Reconnect is our effort to listen to what people really want from brands and advertising. We hope to give marketers practical guidance to make sure their behaviour is in tune with what people want and expect.

After all, advertising can be useful and entertaining. And it’s a critical driver of economic growth. What we’re asking you for is a little help… so that we, as an industry, can make it just a bit better.

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The marketer of the future

Senior marketers share their thoughts on how the marketer of the future needs to look like.

A message to marketers

By Marc Mathieu, Senior Vice President Marketing at Unilever.

Don’t interrupt people, involve them

Why marketing needs to become more democratic. Simon Kemp, Regional Managing Partner for We Are Social in Asia, explains The more people are involved in something, the more they engage with it. This is true in marketing too, and the organisations that succeed in actively involving their audiences and consumers in the creation and development of their brands are best placed to succeed in the long term. It’s perhaps little surprise,… Read more