Project Reconnect

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We’re the World Federation of Advertisers. But that doesn’t mean we think all advertising is great. Sometimes, it can be annoying, even intrusive. Worse still, some people blame advertising for society’s problems.

Project Reconnect is our effort to listen to what people really want from brands and advertising. We hope to give marketers practical guidance to make sure their behaviour is in tune with what people want and expect.

After all, advertising can be useful and entertaining. And it’s a critical driver of economic growth. What we’re asking you for is a little help… so that we, as an industry, can make it just a bit better.

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Why the usual suspects deserve our respect

By Simon Kemp, Regional Managing Partner Asia, We Are Social Over the past few months, I’ve been partnering with the World Federation of Advertisers to identify the brands that marketers around the world respect the most. Over the course of our conversations, the same handful of brands came up again and again. But what is it about brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Dove that marketers respect so much? 1…. Read more

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Despina Spanou, the EU Commission’s Director of Consumer Affairs offers her thoughts on self-regulation and the EU Pledge.

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