Project Reconnect

About us

We’re the World Federation of Advertisers. But that doesn’t mean we think all advertising is great. Sometimes, it can be annoying, even intrusive. Worse still, some people blame advertising for society’s problems.

Project Reconnect is our effort to listen to what people really want from brands and advertising. We hope to give marketers practical guidance to make sure their behaviour is in tune with what people want and expect.

After all, advertising can be useful and entertaining. And it’s a critical driver of economic growth. What we’re asking you for is a little help… so that we, as an industry, can make it just a bit better.

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Brands by the people, for the people, will always flourish

People need businesses and businesses need people. People are behind our companies, our brands and our products. People also enjoy using them. We drive it from both ends. We market. We sell. We buy. We enjoy. Some brands make a difference to us as people. Some brands we carry with us to work, we see our kids carry them to school, we use them in the living room or bathroom…. Read more

“State of the Union” address for Global Marketer Conference 2014, Sydney

  Martin Riley, President of the World Federation of Advertisers & CMO Pernod Ricard opens the WFA Global Marketer Conference 2014 with President’s Address There’s never been a better time to be in marketing. Our ability to communicate and engage has never been so great. But the standards we are held to, both by the public and our colleagues, have never been so tough. We need to be data experts…. Read more

Purpose is increasingly important to building brands, say global and local marketers

Nine out of ten marketers think purpose is important but nearly half still struggle to measure the impact purpose has on sales Marketers define purpose as CSR, while consumers say it starts with CRM Global and local marketers vote Unilever and P&G as purpose leaders Global Brand Purpose from World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)   Sydney March 27th 2014: New research released today by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)… Read more