Project Reconnect

About us

We’re the World Federation of Advertisers. But that doesn’t mean we think all advertising is great. Sometimes, it can be annoying, even intrusive. Worse still, some people blame advertising for society’s problems.

Project Reconnect is our effort to listen to what people really want from brands and advertising. We hope to give marketers practical guidance to make sure their behaviour is in tune with what people want and expect.

After all, advertising can be useful and entertaining. And it’s a critical driver of economic growth. What we’re asking you for is a little help… so that we, as an industry, can make it just a bit better.

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The Value Of Values

Why it pays to have a compelling brand personality. Simon Kemp explains There’s been plenty of chatter in recent months about the importance of ‘humanising’ brands. The buzzword may make you cringe, but the potential rewards of building a more personable and engaging brand merit serious investigation. So what defines a compelling, ‘human’ brand? We asked some of the world’s leading marketers the same question, and their answers consistently focused… Read more

Two takes on brand purpose from WFA and We Are Social

BRAND PURPOSE: YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT Purpose isn’t about saving the planet (although it can be). Marketers should take a wider view of the power of purpose, suggests Will Gilroy, Director of Communications at the WFA. When marketers think about purpose and the brands that epitomize it, they often just see half the picture. They rightly look at brands such as Dove, TOMS Shoes, The Body Shop… Read more

The 3Ps of Great Connected Marketing

As part of our work with the World Federation of Advertisers, we’ve been exploring the factors that define best practice marketing in today’s connected age. Last month, we shared the marketing activities that the world’s top marketers believe are setting today’s gold standard, and what those particular brands do to succeed and stand out. Today, we’re digging deeper into the factors that determine overall brand success. The 3Ps of Great… Read more