Toronto will provide the backdrop for WFA's next Project Reconnect session on 26 April 2017 during Global Marketer Week.


2016 was a year to forget for many brands. Accounting and emission scandals, food safety crises and almost weekly data leaks… Marketing is rarely the principle cause for brand debacles even if persistently dubious claims and misleading ads (as well as endemic transparency issues and ad fraud!) suggest all is not well in the ad industry. 

This year's Project Reconnect session at Global Marketer Week, #brandfail @WFAReconnect, will wade through brands’ most calamitous disasters in 2016, identify what went wrong and explore cases where marketing has helped brands bounce back and restore trust.

The two-hour session will also examine how marketers’ rush to stay on top of new technologies is undermining brands’ ability to put people first, and how a collective failure to focus on customer-centricity is having an adverse impact on people’s perception of the marketing profession.

Jon Wilkins, Chairman at Karmarama, will start off the session and trawl the depths of recent brand failures, identify what went wrong and what lessons should be drawn. Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-founder and Editorial Director at Contagious, will share case studies of how brands have bounced back and where marketing played a meaningful role in restoring trust.

David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer at RBS, Ivan Pollard, SVP, Strategic Marketing at Coca-Cola North America and Domitille Doat, Chief Digital Officer at Danone, will discuss how brand marketing can fix reputational damage and act as a force for good within the company and what the industry needs to do to ensure that marketing as a profession is not cheapened or demeaned.


You can download the full agenda here.


The event is free for WFA members. To book your seat, visit the Global Marketer Week microsite.